3 Night / 4 Days Trip to City of Nawabs & Lord Rama


Lucknow – Namishranya – Lucknow – Ayodhya


Tour Itineray

  • Day 1 :Arrival at Lucknow (The City of Nawabs)

    Arrival at Lucknow, followed by transfer to the hotel. Day at leisure. Overnight at Lucknow.

    Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh (One of the major province of India), also popularly known as “The City Of Nawabs”. This city is situated on the banks of river Gomti and famous for its past history, courteous culture, delicious Avadhi cuisine, music, dance, arts, Lucknow Chikan (one of the finest work of embroidery), heritage buildings monuments and ruins. Even after entering into modern era, Lucknow has managed to retain its old golden era.

  • Day 2 :Lucknow (The City of Nawabs) – Namishranya (A Sacred Place) – (Approx 110 km. one way)

    Same day excursion trip to Namisharanya. Overnight at Lucknow.

    Naimisharanya, it is the holy place an renowned since the time of Satya Yug or Kreta Yug, the most ancient times. It is to believed that after visiting this sacred place, people can get rid of their sins. After visiting Naimisharanya, people attain Moksh (liberation) and attain immense powers. These all things and their importance are described in various ancient scriptures of India. Naimisharanya is also popularly known to as Naimish or Neemsaar or Neemshaar. Naimisharanya is the birthplace of many puraanas and this place is the abode of all of the holy places on the earth and to visit only this place equals visiting all holy places at once. This evidence is found in The Mahaabhaarath. Also the renowned saint Goswami Tulasi Das described about the prominence of Naimisharanya in Raamcharith Maanas. Paying homage to our forefathers at Naimisharanya satisfies them and any sins done by us will be removed.

  • Day 3 : Lucknow – Ayodhya (The Birthplace of Lord Rama) – Lucknow (Approx 03 Hrs. run one way)

    Same Day trip to Ayodhya. Overnight at Lucknow

    Ayodhya, an ancient city of India. As per the epic Ramayana it is believed to be that Ayodhya is the birthplace of the Hindu God Lord Rama. This city is adjacent to Faizabad city one of the district headquarter of Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Ayodhya is situated on the bank of river Sarayu. It is a religious destination with its historical significance and sacred temples, closely associated with Lord Rama.

  • Day 4 : Departure transfer to the airport/railway station.

    Departure transfer to the Varanasi Railway Station/ Varanasi Airport.